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Fritz Seitz’s numerous publications, lectures, and jury activities in the fields of graphic design and basic design theory have made him well-known in Germany and abroad. 

He stands out as an exceptional theoretician, researcher, and consultant in the field of color often on behalf of well known companies, especially for the former printing ink factory Kast + Ehinger (K+E) in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. His publications on the subject powerfully brought together text and image. He was able to build a bridge between artistic sensibility and scientific thinking and working. With his keen graphic sense, he succeeded in linking theory and practice, both verbally and visually. 

His writings serve as an aesthetic education a subject that, above all others, was close to his heart.


Draft sheets for the Dynamic Series in the HKS Series by K+E - since 1968.

02 – 03
HKS colors by K+E: color sequences and color variants have their dynamic color expression, 1976.