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Fritz Seitz’s free and applied artistic work formed the essential part of his oeuvre. 

After studying painting with Professor Willi Baumeister, he worked as a freelance commercial artist and designer in Stuttgart, participated in exhibitions, and exchanged ideas with the ZERO group. 

From the beginning of his professorship at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, he again increasingly devoted himself to his freeartistic work. His first works were material explorations, often combined with extensive digressions in which he explored the tactilequalities of earthy surfaces. 

His pastel drawings, with their variety of form and color inventions, represent his main artistic work. Artisanally mature, they reflect the complexity and multi-layered nature of his way of thinking and working: “Sometimes groping, sometimes decisive in both, the selfshows itself,” as he wrote.


untitled, 1982
Pastel on Ingres laid paper

red, 2004
Pastel drawing on paper

danced, 2004
Pastel drawing on paper

linked, 2007
Pastel drawing on paper

untitled, 2011
Pastel drawing on paper