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Fritz Seitz kept a visual diary throughout his life, which he called Chronolog. It consists of single sheets arranged in chronological order. Each individual sheet is designed independently and illustrates a selected event.

Seitz explained and commented on his “memorabilia”: stations of his childhood and youth, his war service, his artistic training, and his lifelong studies.

The sketches, notes, correspondence, photographs, diagrams, collages, and materials from nature constitute a visual reference system that accompanied him throughout his life.

For posterity, the Chronolog is a unique synopsis of his interests an artist’s diary that spans nearly a century.


01 – 02
Pages from the Chronolog. Olympic site visit, in Munich, 1972. Color associations during this time and on subsequent hikes.

03 – 06
Pages from the Chronolog, Hike in the Black Forest and Documentation of the material explorations, 1972.

1964 France trip visit the chapel Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, by Le Corbusier.

From the Chronolg on Le Corbusier and the Weissenhofsiedlung: Influenced by Le Corbusier’s paintings. Semidetached house at the Weissenhof Estate. Paper for colored collages.