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Fritz Seitz’s main field of activity in teaching was the basic field of visual arts. His main focus was on art education and its nomenclature, as well as on color and design. In practical exercises and theoretical considerations, he additionally opened up basic artistic teaching for the applied arts. 

In countless experiments and experimental processes, Seitz developed a design theory of color. His teaching was characterized not least by a capti-vating simplicity and fascinating teaching examples. 

For over three decades, he successfully implemented his teaching content in many practical symposia at home and abroad. As a professor of basic teaching at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, he saw an urgent social need to train art educators. 

His color seminars at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart are legendary to this day. 


Colors Matching! Exercise with white and black and one, at most two-colored pigments. 

Color Matching exercise – for equal chroma.

Color Matching! Each chromatic color on the color circle has its position on the ray of a chroma.

Preparation! Color Seminar (Bodman).

Color Mixing. Demonstrations.