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Fritz Seitz (1926-2017)

1926: born on July 11th in Bad Kissingen

1949/50: Studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg with Fritz Griebel

1950-1954: Studies painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Willi Baumeister

1950-1956: Participates in several exhibitions, including one in Ohio, USA on the recommendation of Willi Baumeister 

1953: Marriage with Eva Regina Gabriele Simon on October 17th

1953-1974: Works as an independent commercial artist in Stuttgart. For many years, he served as a member of the national leadership of the Association of German Graphic Designers. Numerous publications on theories and concepts of basic theory, commercial art, graphic design, color theory, and their respective applications

1962-1965: Teaches at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg 

1963-1984: Publications on color for Kast + Ehinger (K+E), Stuttgart. His writings on are exceptionally clear in linking theory and practice

1965-1992: Professorship for the basic field of visual arts at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg with guest teaching visitin activities in Germany and abroad; also at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, among others

1970s: Travels and produced photo documentaries in Germany, Austria, and France

1980-2017: He moves to the countryside in Nusse near Mölln/Lübeck. His wife dies in 2005, after which most of his pastel drawings are created. He lives there in seclusion until his death on July 2nd, 2017


Fritz Seitz in his library, 2014

Fritz Seitz on his tricycle, 1929

Fritz Seitz conducting a color exercise

Fritz Seitz' study book from the Staatliche Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

Page from his study book, showing the address Pankokweg 1, 1952

Certificate from Graphic Design Germany ‘67/68, Award for K+E publication, 1968

"Old Pharmacy" in Nusse near Lübeck, 2014